havit Kit de auriculares y alfombrilla para ratón para juegos, teclado y mouse con retroiluminación LED arco iris, auriculares sobre la oreja con micrófono para PC, computadora portátil y más : Videojuegos

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★ Compatibilidad universal con auriculares profesionales para juegos: sin conductor. Compatible con PC, computadora, XBOX ONE y PS4, tableta, iPad y teléfonos móviles. Ten en cuenta que se necesita un adaptador AUX adicional (no incluido) cuando se conecta con el controlador Xbox One, PS4, tableta, iPad y teléfonos móviles. Cuando se conecta USB, la luz LED del auricular se ilumina. Con micrófono ajustable de 360 grados, material ligero y suave, cómodo de llevar. ★ Teclado retroiluminado con 104 teclas: 7 colores LED efecto arco iris, la retroiluminación puede cambiar entre Rianbow 7 luz de color, modo de respiración y apagar. Hasta 19 teclas sin conflicto, 12 grupos de combinaciones de teclas multimedia (FN+F1~F12), teclas intercambiables “WASD” y teclas WIN se pueden desactivar para juegos. ★ Ratón para juegos con cable: Ratones ergonómicos para juegos retroiluminados RGB Havit de hasta 4800 DPI, cuatro niveles DPI ajustables con un indicador intermitente. Los 4800 DPI debido a un sensor de alta precisión, proporcionan más precisión precisa. Longevidad y durabilidad, además de la mejor sensibilidad de respuesta, el mouse para juegos, te da una gran ventaja avanzada en los juegos. ★ Alfombrilla para ratón para juegos: la superficie de tela garantiza movimientos suaves y ultra precisos del mouse. Parte inferior de goma procesada natural que ofrece un buen agarre y una gran flexibilidad, se adapta a diferentes superficies. Los bordes cosidos evitan daños y rizos. ★ Kit todo en uno para jugadores: compatible con Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 /Win10/Mac OS/Linux (las teclas multimedia solo funcionan para archivos en Windows, pero no para MAC)

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Descripción del producto

Havit - Auriculares de ratón y alfombrilla para ratón

Juego de auriculares y ratón para teclado de juego

Teclado para juegos

Teclado gaming para PC

Teclado gaming Havit

Auriculares para juegos Ratón para juegos Alfombrilla de ratón para juegos

Havit – Auriculares de diadema para videojuegos

Diadema ajustable. Altavoz de 1.575 in Control de volumen Micrófono.

Havit – Ratón con cable para videojuegos

4 puntos por pulgada: 800/ 1200/ 2400/ 3200. 7 tipos de efecto de luz de respiración circular y colorido. Plug and Play

Havit – Alfombrilla de ratón para videojuegos

Base antideslizante. Bordes cosidos


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    Ángel zuñiga
    29 septiembre 2020
    Me agrado mucho lo utilizo para todo funciona perfecto
    Tabitha Elias
    1 agosto 2020
    I'm not a tech savvy person but once I figured everything out, epic! Pleased with my purchase. Adjustment to get used to since I use an elite controller. This is by far faster using mouse and kb. I've played 3 games on MW and already getting used to it. Try not to set sensitivity high at first, you'll vomit before you figure out how to change the sensitivity. But, if I can figure out how to calibrate it, anyone for sure can. Love the colors in kb but wish is wasn't black. I love white, makes colors pop more. I still can't figure out how to change the color settings so the lights stay on. Which is fine but I love options. Hook up to my Xbox one perfectly. Setting up mouse was slightly difficult but easy enough. The price for kb, mouse, pad, and headphones was unbeatable. Especially for the quality. Since I've only had this for the last hour, we shall see if it can hold up for the Long haul. But, essentially, I'd purchase again no doubt. The least favorite of mine was everything has to be wired. I hate have cords. My kids trip over them all the time. Hopefully I can get into some more competitive play and keep up this time. EPIC EPIC EPIC!!!
    2 julio 2020
    Thanks to this set I took care of several issues with my old keyboard and mouse.This keyboard is larger than my original and the keyboards backlight is very bright. All the keys respond well to each touch and thanks to the bright backlight it's easy to keep track of what keys I am pressing and or needing to press.The mouse backlight is just as bright as thekeyboard and I enjoy the pulsing effect of the colors.In regards to sensitivity the mouse is extremely sensitive which is perfect for precise and quick gaming (ex. moving camera, selecting items on screen, scrolling, etc.)Perhaps the only minor complaint I would have is that at times when you are holding down the left mouse button and are dragging something it tends to release early. I did find however, that holding the button with alittle more pressure seemed to fix this issue.The headset is wonderful and I love the fact that it came with an adapter to plug both the microphone and headset into one wire for speakers and or computers that do not come with a microphone jack. There are three minor issues with headset that I have: one there is no on / off switch for the microphone you either have it plugged in or not, and second, just like the microphone, in order for the headset to light up you must have it plugged in and unplugged to have it off. This is odd considering that the keyboard has a button for turning the backlight on and off but other than those two issues I have been enjoying better gaming and sound than I was before I got this set.(Update April 2020: I found the volume control button it is on the back of the left ear speaker)
    Amazon Customer
    2 julio 2020
    Good product
    26 junio 2020
    Keyboard and mouse is good. The headset not so good
    25 marzo 2020
    24 marzo 2020
    me a salido bueno con el mouse tuve problemas porque dejo de funcionar pero lo repare. en foco que hace actuar al púntero
    24 marzo 2020
    Gave to 14 yr old for Christmas and they love it! Has used regularly for 8 months.
    18 febrero 2020
    The mouse is what I expected it is rgb and feels comfortable. Very good for it a price. Also very nice and bright colors, can’t control brightness though.The keyboard however feels like it’s very cheap quality not too good and the keys just stay one color. What I mean is that it doesn’t change colors just stays the same color. Expected it to be color changing but what can you expect it’s cheap. They should have definitely included in the description.The mouse pad is a good sized mouse pad if you want one just for your mouse and not have your keyboard on it. It is nice slick and doesn’t move, because of the rubber on the bottom.The headphones are very nice and comfortable on my head. Sound quality just sounds kinda like some normal earbuds though. Can’t change the volume on the headphones though. Very good at blocking out noise from outside.Overall it’s very good for its price considering I got it when it was on lightning deal. Would recommend got it for 31 dollars without taxes.
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