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LGA1151, compatible con procesadores Intel Core de 7ª/6ª generación Doble canal DDR4, 2 DIMMs Protector de ruido de audio con condensadores de audio de alta calidad Puerto HDMI 1.4 para reproducción de contenido Full HD Realtek GbE LAN con cFos Speed Internet Accelerator Software Nuevo centro de aplicaciones GIGABYTE, simple y fácil de usar. Compatible con Intel Small Business Basics




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‎2.08 onzas

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‎11 x 10 x 2 pulgadas

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‎11 x 10 x 2 pulgadas

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‎1 Iones de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)





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‎Octubre 4, 2015

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    13 agosto 2020
    I can't speak for the people saying the motherboard died of them or had bent pins, but it's been working fine for me for almost three weeks now, and I have no complaints. I used it to take advantage of a skylake processor (the i3 6100, specifically) for my first ever PC build. Yes, it's true that if you have a dedicated graphics card, it will probably cover both PCIe ports (I'm using a 6.8 inch GTX 950, and it's thick enough to cover both of them), but at this price point, that's a small sacrifice. If you need wifi connectivity, just buy an external USB antenna instead of an internal wifi card. If you have special connectivity needs beyond that, spend more money, this motherboard is probably not for you.
    steve dawson
    1 agosto 2020
    I really love the performance of this board for the price. About a year ago i had an electrical storm that surged through my modem's coaxial cable and then through the ethernet cable and burned up my board. I had to get something fast and inexpensive so I got this. I thought it was just going to be a placeholder until I could get a good board. I found that the only thing I'm missing from my enthusiast boards were more sata connections. This is a great board, so nice I bought another one for my wife and daughters build.
    MA from PA
    12 julio 2020
    The Gigabyte H110M-A motherboard is a micro ATX board with almost no frills. There is no built in wifi and limited expansion slots and there is only one header for a case fan. This is probably more for a business machine, not a top of the line gaming rig. The board was half the price of many z170 alternatives but did include headers for the front USB 3 and USB 2 ports in my case. The board came with cables and a driver CD. Installation was easy and uneventful. Overall, I’m happy with the motherboard. I used this motherboard with the following components (based mostly on user ratings and sale prices):-Corsair Carbide Series Spec-01 case-EVGA power supply model 600W (1st was doa, 2nd one seems to be working well)-Gigabyte H110M-A motherboard-Intel i5-6500 CPU-16GB (2x8GB) Corsair Vengeance DDR4 (CMK16GX4M2A2400C14R)-1TB Seagate HDD (ST1000DM003)-Windows 10 Home Full Version-(Used DVD/CD burner from an older pc)-(A GPU will be added when funds are available)
    26 junio 2020
    If you want to use a Skylake processor in your PC build, but you do not want to overclock, this is the motherboard for you.I just built a gaming PC for a family member. I knew I wanted to include a new Skylake processor (released just a few months ago, as of this writing). However, I did not want the added part cost, added heat, and potential instability that comes with overclocking. No need for extra features here, just a simple, solid build. If you get a board with a Z170 chipset but you don't intend to overclock, you're paying extra for features that won't be used. Why pay for a nicer chipset if you're not overclocking? Why pay for 4 DIMMs when you're only going to use 2 (or 1)? Why pay for those extra PCI slots and Crossfire/SLI compatibility when you're using one video card? Keep it simple, keep it cheap, and save your money.I paired this with an  i5-6500 , a  Radeon R9 380 , one  8GB stick of DDR4 RAM (2133 MT/s) , and even had a slot leftover to add a  PCI Wifi adapter . It runs like a champ with no problems. This board gave me everything I needed for a solid Skylake gaming build at an amazing price.
    Rumzie D.
    23 abril 2020
    UPDATE 2/13/2016:Still working perfectly without any hitches. Been constantly changing the internals, so plugging/unplugging parts have not broken any pieces on the board, as some people have reported. Went into the BIOS and noticed a variety of settings for stability or performance preferences with ram and cpu. Still very worth the money.UPDATE 12/31:After nearly a week of use, I am no longer a console enthusiast. This motherboard, paired with a decent graphics/processor card (mines the R9 280x and i5-6500) will BLOW AWAY any console type gaming. Boots in less than 10 seconds and shuts off completely in less than 5. Not a single blue screen, freeze, or stutter. There are even 2 extra PCI slots for other components like a wifi card, although most of the space is taken up by the graphics card. Well done Gigabyte.Just got this motherboard yesterday. Although I don't have a case to put it in, I did power this thing up and worked wonderfully.Bios is very overwhelming for a first time build, but all the tweaks and features are great. Booting into Windows 10 setup from my USB was easier than I thought.PROS:-Came with latest BIOS, worked right out the box.-SATA cables are located ABOVE the dedicated GPU slot, which makes air-flow and cable management easier.-2 extra PCI slots for bluetooth/wifi cards.CONS:-Only came with 2 SATA cables, one being a 90 degree angle, the other being straight angle.-Cheap feeling IO shield, makes installation a bit challenging.My Build:-THIS motherboard-i5-6500 Skylake-Crucial 2x4GB DDR4-Sentey 725w PSU-R9 280xI WILL be updating once I fully update Windows and install into a case.UPDATE 12/24:After completing my PC build, I can say Gigabyte has really made a great quality board.I heard of others that bought this board and ports/plugs have fallen off when unplugging things. All the ports and plugs on the board have held up to multiple plugs and unplugs. It was a BIG challenge putting this thing together, but my PC is SOOO FAST. And I thought that my laptop was fast......
    15 abril 2020
    Board has been great for several months now. This MOBO is no thrills, but is at a great price point for Skylake and is everything I needed. The biggest con in my view for this board is limited fan spots. One CPU and one case fan hookup. You will have to split and/or hook up more case fan to the PSU or a fan controller.This board is perfect for a one GPU, no CPU OC setup. I paired this with a MSI 970 and a i-5 6600. The case was spacious and the new Skylake temps are nice and low when playing games on ultra with just the stock fan.
    Melchor Lim
    25 marzo 2020
    Although it said Ultra Durable, I was a little skeptical as most products have differing values on what "durable" means. Lucky for me, Gigabyte and I have the same opinion. During the hardware setup of my custom computer, being a noob I just straight up mashed and heavily pressed on the motherboard trying to figure out how to put it in (which in hindsight was extremely simple). The fact that it can take the abuse and still run perfectly fine with no issues knows as of yet makes it a must have for any one new to computer building and as uncomfortably ditzy as me. I actually got this motherboard smoking at one point, which horrified me, thinking about how much money I sank into this build. Still no problems, given my little technical problem. Great board for a great value!
    Edwin Perez-Mercado
    25 marzo 2020
    Good motherboard. Works fantastic! I had a problem putting my PC together and in a previous comment I stated that the motherboard was bad but in fact it was not. The situation I had was that the motherboard was rebooting itself and didn't allow me to go to bios. I called Gigabyte customer service and with the help of a very polite technician we were able to trace the problem to a bad ram memory. After trying installing and removing the ram memories the technician determined that one was bad. The two ram memories were new and I received on bad. The fault was on the Patriot! So, lesson learned, before bashing the motherboard check your ram memories, make sure they were properly installed and that you don't have a defective one!
    MB Awesome
    22 febrero 2020
    This is a great little board for 45 dollars. I bought another gigabyte board for almost twice the price first and it was defective. I bought this one to replace it and it worked great right out of the box.There is only one PCI slot and only one PCIe also, so that's not many and it also doesn't have many hookups for fans (I think only 1 CPU fan and 1 case fan).Installing and plugging everything was really easy and I had this installed and up and running in under 1 hour.I would buy again. especilly for under 50 bucks
    Carlos Davalos
    18 febrero 2020
    Just put in the disc once u arm your whole build pc and then automatically installs all the drivers and whatever software it needs. With xpress install. It's a neet budget mobo. I recommend unless u find a better and cheaper budget mobo. I'm sure there are just have to look. For ddr4 its a cheap price for an up do date better than many other current players and PC users out there. Havnt played video games yet still waiting on my USB wireless I bought is why or done anything online at all.handles the mmorpg games on low but in high resolution at 1960 1080p. With HD 510 integrated.but whether u want a better looking online game or game in general it's recommended a better graphics card than the integrated. But it handles videos and everything else. Played world of Warcraft at a nice 40ish fps on low graphics. With the Pentium g4400 Pentium LGA 1152 3.30 GHz. Gonna upgrade graphics. Although I can do much alrdy its preferable to be better within the game to get more out of the game with graphics but it's not needed but it's better me for my visual taste
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